Agenda 11 July 2024


Clerk: Mrs Kerry Culley
56 Bridgeways
LN13 9FA

The next meeting of the Bilsby & Farlesthorpe Parish Council will be held on 11 July 2024 at 7pm in Holy Trinity Church, Bilsby.

Councillors are hereby summoned to attend.

Prior to the council meeting commencing there will be a period of not more than 15 minutes when any member of the public present may raise matters.  Once the Parish Council meeting commences members of the public are not allowed to speak unless permitted by the Chairman.

K Culley    Parish Clerk    05 July 2024

21.    Welcome
22.    Apologies for absence
23.    Declarations of Interest in agenda items under the Localism Act including any requests for dispensation.
24.    To approve as minutes the notes of the AGM meeting held on 9 May 2024
25.    To receive any updates from those meetings not itemised on the agenda.  
26.    To receive any general updates from LCC and ELDC Representatives 
27.    Updates on National Grid proposals for pylons and substations
a.    obtaining drone photos to make a mock up of the proposed substation site at Bilsby.
b.    Public meeting and possible date for it.
c.    Banners
d.    Response from His Majesty the King
28.    Financial:
a)    To approve any payments due including: 
(i)    Clerk’s salary and expenses - £372.93
(ii)    HMRC payments - £22.40
b)    To approve a budget of up to £50 for drone photographs.
c)    To consider a request from Bilsby DCC for an increase in grant  for maintenance of the Holy Trinity Church churchyard
d)    To approve and sign the documentation for setting up the Unity Trust Accounts.
e)    To transfer, by cheque, £500 from the Barclays Savings Account to the Unity Trust Savings Account and £500 from the Barclays Current Account to the Unity Trust Current Account
f)    Update on Barclays Bank
g)    To receive and approve the quarterly accounts
29.    Planning - To consider applications received and updates on outstanding planning applications:
a.    N16/733/23 – Erection of two houses adjacent Jasmine Cottage
b.    Outer Dowsing 
30.    Review of policies:
a.    New and updated policies:
i.    Complaints procedure
ii.    Freedom of Information Request
iii.    Publication Scheme
iv.    Risk Assessment
v.    Financial Regulations
b.    Reviewed but unamended policies:
i.    Code of conduct
ii.    Data Protection Policy
iii.    Planning Policy
iv.    Standing orders
31.    To consider the need for councillors to have official email addresses and whether these should be .gov email addresses following the NALC guidance
32.    To receive an update on the speed indicator sign
33.    To consider the commemorative plaque for 80 years of peace
34.    Parish Council response to the Rights of Way survey
35.    To reconsider the need for a staffing committee following on from the LALC guidelines which state it is essential and if approved receive and approve the terms of reference for the staffing committee
36.    Any other Matters for general discussion (not decision) or items for next agenda. 
37.    Date of next meeting – Thursday 5 September 2024